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The Early Days of NCC, as recalled by Bryan Douglas FRPS

Recorded in 2007

The Northampton Camera Club was formed originally in 1957, when a group of us broke away from Abington Camera Club, to form an independent club unconnected with the Community Centre. After advertising in the Chronicle & Echo for interested photographers, we held a meeting in the Liberal Club, and drew up rules for the constitution of the new club. There are still three Founder Members with the club today, after 50 years: Frank Corby ARPS, APAGB - our first Chairman; Reg Brumhill ARPS, APAGB and myself, Bryan Douglas FRPS: the first Vice-Chairman.

In addition to the full club meetings, we have various small groups with specific interests. In the early days we even had a "Scooter Group" when members on their Vespas and Lambrettas would make photographic forays into the countryside.

On one occasion we built an enormous camera, about 8 feet high, complete with bellows, and mounted this on a lorry to take part in the Hospital Parade, as the Carnival Parade was known in those days.

In the 1960's when most of the club were doing colour slides, a small group of us formed "The Northampton Pictorial Photographers" so as to concentrate on monochrome exhibition work. We were extremely successful and, out of the ten photographers involved, we got six Associateships and two Fellowships of the Royal Photographic Society.

Fifty years later the club is still going strong and, after using many different venues over the intervening years, we now meet in the Hardingstone Village Hall. Our regular weekly meetings are designed to cater for all tastes in photography, from beginners to advanced workers, and cover colour, monochrome, and slide photography. We have selections of visiting speakers, practical nights and outside visits.

We run a separate "Monochrome Group" and an "Audio-Visual" section who have produced "Photo-vision" which we show to other organisations. In keeping with modern trends, we now have several workers doing "Digital Photography" and using their computers in a "Light Room" instead of the old traditional "Dark Room". We put on various exhibitions of our work, and there is a permanent display in the corridor of the General Hospital.

We are a very go-ahead club, with a varied Programme and I invite anyone interested in photography to join us on any Monday evening.

Big Print

Making Big Prints
A challenging demonstration I gave on a club night in our first year.

1957 Committee

Founding Committee, 1957


1957 - F.W. Corby1958 - B.J. Douglas1959 - F.H. Clowes
1960 - K.F. Sharman1961 - E.J. Lightwood1962 - F.W. Corby
1963 - F.H. Clowes1964 - K.F. Sharman1965 - B.A. Hayes
1966 - D.A. Hamp1967 - B.J. Spencer1968 - Miss R.A. Edwards
1969 - J.G. Johnson1970 - J.K. Smith ARPS1971 - F.W. Corby ARPS
1972 - R.J. Smart1973 - G.A. Heely1974 - H.A. Adams
1975 - S.W. Poole & H.A. Adams1976 - Mrs M. Sharman1977 - J.G. Johnson
1978 - R.J. Smart1979 - F.W. Corby ARPS1980 - A.R. Brooking
1981 - C.A. Wilkinson1982 - D.P. Willmott1983 - Mrs C. Round
1984 - N. Brunning1985 - R.W. Brumhill ARPS1986 - A.R. Clarke
1987 - D. Willmott AFIAP1988 - A. Kemp ARPS1989 - J.G. Johnson APAGB
1990 - R.J. Ireland LRPS1991 - Mrs J. Portas1992 - M.W. Peters
1993 - B. Jolley LRPS1994 - Mrs R. Rowlands1995 - B.J. Douglas FRPS
1996 - P. Scotton & M.W. Peters1997 - Mrs J. Portas1998 - W.B. Buxton
1999 - G.N. Portas2000 - B.J. Douglas FRPS2001 - G.S. Groome FRPS
2002 - D.J. Knight LRPS2003 - B.J. Douglas FRPS2004 - Mrs M. Wray
2005 - Mrs A. Payne2006 - K. Monk2007 - S. Dormer
2008 - G.N. Portas2009 - S. Dormer2010 - C. Cook
2011 - P. Going2012 - Ms. C. Wingate2013 - James Ballantyne
2014 - S. Dormer2015 - James Ballantyne2016 - Sam Baxter
2017 - G. Whitson