Competition Details

Monthly Commentary League Table, 2016

10 rounds, best 9 scores to count. (x) = discarded score

Competition Rules

Regular Commentaries

There are ten commentary evenings with categories for Prints and Projected Images.

The dates on which the commentaries will be held are shown in the Club Programme.

Prints. There is no restriction on the size of the prints but they must be on a card mount to assist in the display.

Digital Images. Images should be presented as high quality jpg files resized to be no more than 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high.
For details on how to name your image files see Digital page.

Slides. 35mm slides may be entered in the Projected Image sections, but will be scanned or copied and projected and marked as digital images. Slides must be submitted one week in advance to give time for this to be done.

Classes. The sections are as follows:-

Judging. On each commentary evening a Judge is appointed who will mark each entry out of a maximum of twenty marks. Entries are required at least one week before the competition evening in order to provide a more considered judgement. If a member has submitted more than one entry in any category only the highest mark will count towards the annual total and promotion score.

Promotion. In each category promotion from General to Advanced section requires gaining 135 marks over the year on the best nine commentaries out of the ten. The committee can promote a member from the general section to the advanced section at any time at its discretion based on an appraisal of that member's work.

To remain in the Advanced section, members must gain at least 15 marks from each of three commentaries in any year, in that category.


A trophy in respect of most competitions is awarded annually at the Annual General Meeting. This trophy is held by the winner of each competition for one year.

For the above trophies marks from the best nine commentaries are combined to find the winner. If no member has entered nine commentaries the relevant trophy will not be awarded. No work should have been entered in any of the above competitions previously.

Other Competitions.

ADAMS TROPHY. A set of 4 projected images showing the most creative photography. Highest total score wins. Up to two sets may be submitted.

WILKINSON TROPHY. The best Still Life projected image. Aimed at any inanimate subject or objects in an arrangement of your choosing. Two images may be entered but the trophy is awarded for the best single entry.

EDWIN & EDITH LIGHTWOOD MEMORIAL ROSE BOWL. A panel of three prints and three projected images. Subjects are open and need not be related. The trophy is awarded to the panel with the highest total score. Up to two panels may be submitted.

JOHN SMITH MEMORIAL TROPHY. For the best monochrome pictorial print. Up to two prints may be submitted. This competition will be an integral part of a designated monthly commentary from 2012 onwards. The trophy will be awarded to the best monochrome print entered in that monthly commentary as one the regular (up to two) entries.

KEN & MARGARET SHARMAN MEMORIAL TROPHY. For the best set of Three Varied Landscapes (projected images.) Up to two sets may be submitted.

J.K. & E.J. SMITH TROPHY. To find the most versatile photographer with a set of four projected images, one in each category, Pictorial - Human Portraiture - Flora/Fauna - Action. The trophy is awarded to the set with the highest aggregate score. Up to two sets may be submitted.

PEGGY CLOWES CUP. The best projected image in the Set Subject competition. The set subject is decided upon by the Committee after the Annual General Meeting.

GORDON GROOME MEMORIAL TROPHY. The best print in the Set Subject competition. The set subject is decided upon by the Committee after the Annual General Meeting.

DAVID KNIGHT TROPHY."Three of a Kind" projected images. Each entry must comprise the three separate images, together with a triptych combining all three, Up to two sets may be submitted.

IMAGE OF THE YEAR Normally held in January, this competition is for any image that has been submitted to any competition in the previous year. Up to two prints and two projected images may be entered.


Images may be entered once only in a monthly competition, and may also be entered once for each Trophy or Other Competition as appropriate.